Sam and Kathryn
Los Angeles, California

I met Andre and his wonderful family when we got stuck in Rome due to flight cancelation. We were both waiting in line at the Alitalia service desk. Andre was in front of me, but knowing we were both going back to LAX, he did not just take care of his family, but also helped my family and worked a deal with Alitalia to get a free hotel stay and direct flight back to LA for all of us.

We got to know each other a little bit more after a few bottles of fine Italian wine in the hotel. He introduced me to the concept of land banking. I was fascinated with this concept since it coincided with the traditional Taiwanese belief: “owning land should be the foundation to our personal wealth”.

Of course I would not just make a big investment because I liked the guy. I had worked in the Antelope Valley for 5 years and definitely understood it’s potential. Furthermore, my Roth IRA account was 100% in stocks which resulted in many sleepless nights! CalChoice offered me the option of buying land with my IRA. Not only was I able to diversify my investments, but also was able to utilize my retirement account. I have to thank Alitalia for the flight cancelation. I made some good friends, but also made a great investment choice!

Donna & George 
Scottsdale, Arizona

We recently purchased a parcel of land in Antelope Valley from CalChoice. The president, Andre Vicario, didn’t have to convince us about the deal. My parents taught me the importance and value of owning real estate and I saw what they reaped. My daddy always told me, “You can’t go wrong buying land because they aren’t making it anymore”. Mark Twain said the same thing. Gerald O’Hara said the same thing to Scarlet in “Gone With the Wind”. “Land is the only thing in the world that amounts to anything”, for “tis the only thing in this world that lasts, and don’t you be forgetting it! “Tis the only thing worth working for, worth fighting for – worth dying for.”

REALTOR / Coldwell Banker Top Team

For the past 11 years I have worn both hats being a Realtor and a Real Estate Investor, and I can tell that without a doubt investing for yourself is where the real money is! If you are really to create financial freedom for you and your family, you have to learn how to invest for yourself!

Approximately three years ago, I had the opportunity to attend to one of the meeting events hosted by CalChoice Investments. After attending the meeting,my wife and I discussed the investment options and opportunities. Shortly after, we acquired a parcel of land!

My wife and I believe this is the absolute best way to invest our money at this time, which we believe will make a lot more in return in the long ran, for myself and my family. We both feel this is a great way to invest for our selves and our family. I think we have a great future ahead of us!

Thank You CalChoice!

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